Why use a keyboard tray


Why use a keyboard tray system?

Placing your keyboard on a keyboard/mouse support system is one of the most important components of a healthy, ergonomic workstation and can protect workers from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), neck pain, and upper, and lower back pain.

Because our bodies follow our hands, when the keyboard sits on a desktop, workers have to lean forward to reach it. This leads to aches in the wrist, arms, back, and neck, and increased risk ofCTS. However, using an articulating keyboard system helps support comfortable, efficient postures by keeping workers supported.

Features to look for:

With so many keyboard systems claiming to be “ergonomically designed”, experts tell us to look for keyboard trays and support systems with easy, intuitive adjustability features, mouse support, and total knee clearance. Research shows that wrist- and posture-friendly computing is best supported when the keyboard is angled away from the user and placed below desk level, allowing the users’ wrists to remain straight and the elbows opened to a greater-than-90-degree angle. This posture is best achieved with the use of an articulating keyboard holder with negative tilt.

Beware of a positive tilt keyboard arrangement in which the keyboard is angled toward the user. This dangerous position causes the wrist to bend up and toward the body, increasing the amount of pressure on the median nerve, which increases the risk for CTS. Keyboard supports should never allow the keyboard to be angled in this way.

Benefits of keyboard trays:

• Improved worker comfort

• Wrists kept straight, elbows open slightly beyond 90°

• Mouse supported at hand level

• Reduced muscle strain

• Supports the benefits of existing chair and other ergo tools

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