Is mousing a pain? Which type of mouse should I use


Is mousing a big pain?

It shouldn’t be! Your workstation should be adjusted to minimize physical stress, force, and repetition.

Mouse positioning and design are major issues. Here are some guidelines for frequent mousers:

Do maintain a neutral wrist position.

Do make sure you can operate your pointing device without stretching your arm or moving your body in awkward positions.

Do make sure you have enough room on your keyboard tray for a mouse; if you don’t, it forces you to put the mouse where it’s difficult to reach.

Don’t press your hand or wrist against any hard edges.

Don’t keep your arm constantly tensed while using the device, as this can tire the muscles and lead to injury.


Which mouse should I use?

Vertical Mousing places the whole hand, wrist, arm, and fingers in a natural, relaxed posture to reduce Carpal Tunnel, elbow, or arm strain.

Trackballs are stationary devices that use a small rolling ball to move the cursor onscreen. They’re operated by your thumb or fingers instead of your arm, thus reducing the distance your shoulder must travel (they’re often a welcome alternative for people experiencing mouse-related arm or shoulder pain). Since they’re stationary, trackballs also require less desk space than a traditional mouse. Many trackballs come with multiple buttons that can be assigned keystrokes to help reduce keyboard use.

Laser Mouse Laser tracking responds to the slightest hand movement with amazing accuracy and it does so on virtually any surface: white or black, solid or pattern, shiny or matte. Laser illumination tracks flawlessly on a high-gloss surfaces that LED-based mice simply can’t negotiate. Ideal for graphics and precise point-n-click.

Different-sized mice allow a custom fit to large, small, left, or right hands. Mice now come in multiple sizes, just like human hands do. They can now accommodate the 5th percentile female, (Small) to the 95th percentile male, (Extra-Large). Having the right size mouse reduces strain.

Cordless mice offer freedom since there are no cords to clutter your desk, and they allow users to work nearly anywhere in the room. Because there are no cords, the mouse can be placed in a position more natural for the user. Easily transform just about any surface into your workspace.

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