Fight the spreading of viruses at work


Avoid the flu Start with your keyboard

Today, we spend a great deal of time on our computers, at home and at the office. Whether we work on a multi-user or personal keyboard, flu germs and damaging microbes can grow and reproduce right under your fingertips.

Can I really get the flu from my keyboard?

Many products we use can harbor germs and viruses that transmit illness from one person to another. One recent study found that the average computer workstation had 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat!

Antimicrobial Protection 101:

How it works

During the manufacturing process, antimicrobial agents are injected directly into the molten plastic that forms the keyboard, mouse, or mouse pad. These built-in antimicrobial agents are literally self-cleaning, and inhibit the uncontrolled growth of microbes that can cause stains and odors, product deterioration, or transmit illness for the life of the product. Additional protection is available in antimicrobial disinfectant spray form and also in hand-sanitizing gels.

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