Does your workstation measure up


The ups and downs of height-adjustable workstations

Retaining workers, and keeping them safe and comfortable, is a challenge faced by many companies. Though many factors contribute to a happy, productive workforce, recent reports identify the use

of height-adjustable workstations as playing a measurable role in attracting and retaining workers, and keeping them healthy.

Because one size doesn’t fit all When workers of all shapes and sizes are forced to work at a static, one-size-fits-all workstation, the results can be discomfort, strain, pain, and injury. This ultimately leads to lost workdays and increased costs for companies.

Nice moves Ergonomists say it’s best for workers to move throughout the day, and suggest regular changes in posture, such as going from a seated to a standing position. Recently a major study at Intel

Corporation supported this, showing that when workers changed posture throughout the day they experienced reduced fatigue and an overall increase in work performance. Additionally, nearly

30% of Intel workers who used electric height-adjustable stations had a decrease in symptoms of discomfort.


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