Benefits of Monitor Arms


The ergonomic benefits of monitor arms

Office work surface is precious real estate these days and often crowded with everything from notes, papers, and planners, to keyboards, monitors, lamps and phones. One solution that makes a significant ergonomic contribution to our shrinking work surface is a monitor arm. A monitor arm enables easy monitor positioning and comfortable viewing, above the clutter of our desktops.

Monitors, whether a flat-panel monitor or CRT, can take up a great deal of our workspace. However, “floating” a monitor above desktop with a monitor arm offers easy height and depth adjustment and optimal viewing, while allowing the user to position all work surface tasks at perfect height and depth directly in front of them.

How monitor arms facilitate a healthy, ergonomic work environment

Monitor arms ensure that the monitor can always be positioned at perfect height and depth for users, preserve precious workspace by floating monitor above the user’s work surface, and can be moved out of the way when not needed. With the monitor above the work surface, at an optimal viewing height and eye focus distance, the user is comfortably supported by his/her chair with neck and shoulders relaxed, wrists straight, and head centered above torso. Working without an adjustable monitor arm may compromise the benefits of other ergo tools, such as seating, keyboard support, and task lighting, as each of these work together to support healthy computer use. Monitor arms are a key component of a healthy and efficient workplace, and can help make computer relateddiscomfort a thing of the past.

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