Cindy Roth

Cindy Roth has been a professional in the ergonomics, safety and health industry since 1987. In 1993 she co-founded Ergonomic Technologies Corp. (ETC) with 3 certified professional engineering ergonomists. Prior to ETC, Ms. Roth was Executive Vice President of Biomechanics Corporation of America, a publically traded company.  Ms. Roth served as the Senior Vice President and Business Manager for the Langer Biomechanics Group, also a publically traded corporation. Ms. Roth has been in a leadership role for over 25 years.

 Cindy has lectured to the Fortune 500 Companies in the US and the Fortune 200 International companies. She also lectures on Ergonomics/Biomechanics/Safety and Health, Product Design, Motivation and Team Building to universities and colleges around the world.

 Ms. Roth was elected as a Trustee to the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Foundation Board, and was elected to serve as Chairperson.  She has served as Past Chair and most recently was elected to serve the Council of Professional Affairs (CoPA) where she is currently in the position as Vice Chairperson.  She has also been the Chair of the Greater NY Safety Council and has been appointed as a permanent member of New York State’s Commission on International Trade and Business and has traveled to Brazil, Argentina and Chile on behalf of the State of New York.

 Ms. Roth serves as on the Advisory Boards of the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, the Ergonomics Exposition, and the publications of Occupational Hazards and CTDNews. She also represents University of Pittsburgh on the Fiat Pax (using technology for world peace) board. She is on many national committees and is very well published with books and articles appearing worldwide.

Cindy received a degree from the University of Pittsburgh as a professional registered nurse with specialties in Occupational Nursing and Biomechanics. She also completed postgraduate work at Cornell University in International Labor Relations/Industrial Management.

Currently Cindy serves as the Chairperson of the Board and CEO of ETC.




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