Say Goodbye to Germs

The holidays are behind us now, but in terms of winter cold bugs and flu germs and viruses going around, it still “tis the season.” One way to protect yourself at home and work is to make use of cleanable, antimicrobial products such as the AliMed® Cleanable Wrist Rest.

The AliMed® Cleanable Wrist Rest uses the same soft gel technology that is part of our OR table pads and positioners to provide forearm cushioning with a sealed surface. In a wrist rest, this pressure-relieving material helps:

·      Put an end to wrist discomfort at the computer

·      Help prevent elbow pain while pipetting or manipulating lenses on a microscope

·      Increase user comfort, productivity and morale

AliMed Cleanable Wrist RestThe AliMed® Cleanable Wrist Rest is a great way to say bye-bye to germs in labs, home and office computer desks, clinics, and hospitals. To keep clean and resist contamination from liquid or dust, simply wipe the totally sealed surface with a mild disinfectant.

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