October is National Ergonomics Month

Why Ergonomics? Because Work Shouldn’t Hurt

Aches, pains, and injuries resulting from poor posture, force, and repetition are costly yet preventable in most cases with simple, ergonomic solutions. These injuries often present only minimal symptoms at first but gradually worsen and may even become debilitating, resulting in increased downtime and costs for employers.

It’s All About MSD Risk Reduction

The goal of ergonomics is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and to prevent these injuries from ever occurring. Supporting a productive, injury-free workplace means equipping staff with ergonomic tools that are adjustable and designed to accommodate a wide range of body sizes and shapes.

Ergonomic Essentials

Ergonomists recommend equipping your facility or office with these must-have ergonomic solutions:

Stools and Seating Durability, support, mobility, and maximum adjustability are required to accommodate staff of varying heights and weight.

Height Adjustable Desks/Workstations Accommodates staff of all heights and allows for seated work option. Moving throughout the day is a healthier option too.

Monitor Arms/Monitor Risers Allows for easy adjustability for each worker, helping to reduce eye and neck strain.

Keyboards & Keyboard Support Systems Ergonomic keyboard/keyboard trays adjustable to the correct height for each worker help keep wrists straight and elbows open slightly beyond 90 degrees, whether sitting or standing.

Task lighting Accurately reading paper documents and doing computer work requires a task-specific light, without the glare and reflection caused by overhead lighting schemes.

Anti-fatigue Matting Reduces standing fatigue, improves productivity, and helps prevent slips and falls.

Solutions for Any Workplace

Supportive, easy-to-use ergonomic products and accessories play an essential role in supporting the overall health and safety of workers in office, healthcare, and industrial settings, and provide the following benefits:

▪        Improved comfort

▪        Increased productivity

▪        Improved morale

▪        Reduced costs associated with injury and downtime

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