Hand Protection: Why it Matters

712482A_d_280x280Ensuring that your employees are equipped with task-appropriate hand protection is imperative as it supports worker safety and productivity, product quality, and organizational profitability.

Are Workers Wearing the Gloves?

There was a day when protective gloves were cumbersome and bulky, stiff, and non-breathable, which resulted in a lack of grip, and hot, uncomfortable hands for the worker. In many cases, workers simply chose not to wear hand protection due to discomfort and lack of dexterity.

New Materials Have Changed the Game

All that has changed thanks to new high-performance materials that are cut-resistant, allow the precise grip employees’ want, and are lightweight and breathable – even colorful. In addition, the new generation of protective gloves are easy to keep clean and care for, and thus last longer, making them a better PPE investment.

Hand Protection: Why it Matters

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), injuries to the hand are now the second most prevalent work-related injury, with an average cost of $6000 to $7000 per claim.

The bottom line on hand protection is:

  • Worker productivity improves when tasks that require precision and dexterity are made easier to accomplish, and more safe
  • Morale increases when workers feel supported with appropriate PPE
  • New easy to care for, more durable glove materials deliver better return on investment

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