Beat the Heat with Evaporative PPE

For a wide-range of industries and high-risk tasks, PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – plays a valued role in reducing employee exposure to potentially hazardous working conditions. And this time of year, with temperatures heating up, worker heat fatigue is a very real risk. Indeed, long sunny days and hot, humid conditions – inside the warehouse or outdoors – take a toll on workers and their productivity.

PPE Solution: Evaporative Products

PPE products such as the Chill-Its evaporative series provide instant relief from summer heat and help to keep workers comfortable throughout their shift. The Chill-Its line includes bandanas, towels, and cooling vests713484_280x280 – each providing instant cooling relief and helping to reduce the risks of heat fatigue.

Evaporative PPE products help workers:

✓ Stay cool all day

✓ Avoid the effects of heat fatigue

✓ Maintain productivity throughout their shifts

In addition to evaporative PPE solutions, make sure workers stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and have access to shade when ever possible.

Remember, your employees are your most valuable resource and evaporative PPE can keep them safe and productive all day.

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