PPE: Head to Toe Protection

shutterstock_182837804By understanding the strength and movement capabilities, and the physical limits of employees on the shop floor, forward-thinking organizations can implement safety and ergonomic solutions that help reduce employee exposure to work-related risks.

This includes providing workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), modifying existing equipment, improving work practices, and implementing new tools and devices that support both the worker and product throughput. Providing workers with ergonomics increases business profits through reduced injuries, improved product quality, reduced turnover and increased worker job satisfaction and engagement.

PPE Essentials Head to Toe

In terms of foundational ergonomics for industrial and manufacturing settings, OSHA recommends PPE as an essential component to reducing employee exposure to a wide-range of ergonomic-related risk factors. After all, your employees are your most valuable resource and PPE can protect them from musculoskeletal and other exposure injuries. AliMed’s full line catalog provides, one stop, head to toe protection for your organization.

PPE Checklist:

 Eye protection

 Hearing protection


 Safety Shoes

 Cooling Headgear and Vests

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