Ergonomics: Benefits Beyond Injury Reduction

couple-at-computerErgonomics encompasses more than just worker safety. In fact, the science of ergonomics goes beyond adjusting workstation components to better fit the user, and also plays a vital role in organization-wide transformation initiatives.

Leading ergonomists are encouraging businesses to recognize the role ergonomics plays as part of larger process improvement efforts at the organization.

In the March/April issue of Healthy Business Journal, Matthew Jaszkowiak, CPE, stated:

“A more modern approach to ergonomics that has shown significant injury reduction and return on investment begins with changing the way business looks at ergonomic issues altogether.” Jaszkowiak adds, “Rather than trying to identify ergonomic or safety problems that need to be fixed, forward-thinking companies have begun to look at business processes and how those processes can be improved through ergonomics to make it easier to perform the work required, thereby improving efficiency.”

Beyond injury reduction/prevention, ergonomic processes can have the following positive impacts at the organizational level:

  • Improved worker morale
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Successful and efficient task accomplishment by employees
  • Increasing an organization’s overall productivity and profitability.
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