Ergonomics and Safety: A Winning Partnership

Ergonomics and Safety are two distinct human factors sciences. However, when the two are paired as part of a productivity improvement effort, they complement injury prevention strategies, improve systems & product design, and improve overall worker safety.

More Than Injury Prevention

Ergonomics involves more than helping to keep workers injury free. In fact, ergonomics as part of worker safety strategy goes beyond simply adjusting workstation components to better fit the user, and also plays a vital role in:

  • Improving worker morale
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Successful and efficient task accomplishment
  • Positively impacting an organization’s overall productivity and profitability.

Ensuring that your facilities, offices and staff are supported and equipped with the right ergonomic components is an essential part of business today. Maintaining a safe, ergonomic workspace differentiates your organization from the competition and helps attract and retain a productive workforce.

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