Introducing the Rockstick Ergonomic Mouse, exclusively from AliMed!

In case you were thinking that every conceivable computer mouse design has come to market by now, think again. A new, potential game-changer, has arrived: the Rockstick Mouse.

The Rockstick certainly isn’t the first vertical mouse ever designed, however it is the world’s first vertical mouse that allows users to click by utilizing the strength of the entire hand and not just the fingers.

Innovative Functionality & Design

The vertical handle design of the Rockstick Mouse allows the hand to remain in the handshake position, a position known to eliminate forearm twisting and thereby greatly reducing any pressure in the carpal tunnel area of the wrist. The Rockstick handle also allows for integrated palm support that ultimately prevents the user from wrist anchoring, a practice related to increased carpal tunnel pressure and wrist extension. Most importantly, Rockstick Mouse users click with their entire hand, not just the fingers, therefore avoiding the painful problems associated with repetitive finger overuse.

Benefits of the Rockstick Mouse:
• Rockstick is the world’s first vertical ergonomic mouse that allows users to click by utilizing the strength of the entire hand instead of the fingers alone
• Integrated palm support eliminates wrist anchoring
• Upright natural grip allows comfortable handshake position
• Keeps your wrist and fingers relaxed while computing
• Relieves and/or prevents computer-related mouse injuries, in particular, the numbness, weakness, tingling and pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

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