Taking Your Ergonomics Program To the Next Level

Presented by: James Mallon, BS, MS, MBA, CPE, Vice President, Humantech, Inc.


How mature is your ergonomics process? Can you make improvements, boost productivity, and reduce injuries even further? Tune in to find out!

During this webinar we will discuss the next steps to achieving a world class ergonomics program. James Mallon, a long-time, and highly rated ErgoExpo speaker will teach us all how to move beyond reactive injury investigation and behavior based employee training. Perhaps you’re in the process of moving to a proactive ergonomics model, you’re completing quantitative risk maps of your facility, and you’re making workstation engineering improvements to eliminate or reduce hazards. This “bolt-on” approach to ergonomics yields great results but is limited. Some improvements may not be technically possible, nor financially feasible. Some issues may resurface when the next product or process is introduced, and the cycle repeats. So what now?

During this webinar, James will help us all understand that despite your best efforts, the root cause of various ergonomic issues were decisions made months and years before you ever saw that product or process. This major disconnect between a company’s product designers, manufacturing engineers, and the reality of floor-level tasks is common, but curable.

James will take us through a step by step process that will include:

 • Ergonomics and safety teams finding a way to present the match between their “human” goals and the goals of those responsible for the design of the workplace, the equipment and the product

 • Developing simple tools and methods that will enable engineers and designers to identify ergonomic problems at the conceptual level for the product and the process

• Implementing practical rules to follow so that ergonomic issues are never introduced to the workplace.

James Mallon has over a decade of hands-on experience in the implementation of ergonomics improvement processes in the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and other industries for companies in North America, Europe and Asia. He delivers presentations and training for audiences of varied backgrounds, ranging from executives to operators. His most recent client engagements include Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Genie Industries, and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

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