Hand Protection: Why it Matters

712482A_d_280x280Ensuring that your employees are equipped with task-appropriate hand protection is imperative as it supports worker safety and productivity, product quality, and organizational profitability.

Are Workers Wearing the Gloves?

There was a day when protective gloves were cumbersome and bulky, stiff, and non-breathable, which resulted in a lack of grip, and hot, uncomfortable hands for the worker. In many cases, workers simply chose not to wear hand protection due to discomfort and lack of dexterity.

New Materials Have Changed the Game

All that has changed thanks to new high-performance materials that are cut-resistant, allow the precise grip employees’ want, and are lightweight and breathable – even colorful. In addition, the new generation of protective gloves are easy to keep clean and care for, and thus last longer, making them a better PPE investment.

Hand Protection: Why it Matters

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), injuries to the hand are now the second most prevalent work-related injury, with an average cost of $6000 to $7000 per claim.

The bottom line on hand protection is:

  • Worker productivity improves when tasks that require precision and dexterity are made easier to accomplish, and more safe
  • Morale increases when workers feel supported with appropriate PPE
  • New easy to care for, more durable glove materials deliver better return on investment

See AliMed’s full line of hand protection here


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Ergonomic Essentials for Healthcare

doctor-in-hospital-150x150It’s no secret that hospitals and healthcare facilities provide some very distinct challenges compared to most other workplaces. For example, healthcare is non-stop – it happens 24/7, 365 days a year – which means the facility must accommodate staff of all shapes and sizes during around-the-clock shifts.

The work is demanding too, as the staff must regularly multi-task while combining periods of physical work with periods of highly skilled knowledge work. In fact, in 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that healthcare workers suffer from the highest numbers of ergonomic-type musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Supporting a productive, injury-free staff means equipping them with the necessary ergonomic components that are adjustable and designed to accommodate the wide range of body sizes and shapes that comprise healthcare workers today.

Ergonomists have identified these essential components to an ergonomic healthcare setting:

 Seating Look for durability, support, and maximum adjustability to accommodate staff of varying heights and weight

 Lumbar supports An easy and cost-effective way to ensure added lower back support to all staff

 Mobile carts & wall mounts Ease of use and mobility help reduce nurse stress and fatigue and keep data readily accessible

 Anti-fatigue matting Reduces standing fatigue, improves productivity, and helps prevent slips and fall

 Height adjustable desks/workstations Accommodates staff of all heights and allows for seated work option too

 Monitor arms Makes the monitor easily adjustable to each workers eye level, reducing eye and neck strain

 Palms/wrist supports Provides support and allows users hand to freely move above the keyboard while typing

 Keyboards & keyboard support systems An ergonomic keyboard/keyboard tray at the correct height for each worker helps keep wrists straight and elbows open slightly beyond 90 degrees

 Computer mice/input devices The best computer mice keep your arm relaxed while using the device, thus reducing muscle tension in the arm and wrist

 Task lighting In hospitals, accurately reading reports and other paper documents require optimum task-specific light without the glare and reflection caused by overhead lighting schemes.

Learn more about these and other key healthcare ergonomic resources here



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Beat the Heat with Evaporative PPE

For a wide-range of industries and high-risk tasks, PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – plays a valued role in reducing employee exposure to potentially hazardous working conditions. And this time of year, with temperatures heating up, worker heat fatigue is a very real risk. Indeed, long sunny days and hot, humid conditions – inside the warehouse or outdoors – take a toll on workers and their productivity.

PPE Solution: Evaporative Products

PPE products such as the Chill-Its evaporative series provide instant relief from summer heat and help to keep workers comfortable throughout their shift. The Chill-Its line includes bandanas, towels, and cooling vests713484_280x280 – each providing instant cooling relief and helping to reduce the risks of heat fatigue.

Evaporative PPE products help workers:

✓ Stay cool all day

✓ Avoid the effects of heat fatigue

✓ Maintain productivity throughout their shifts

In addition to evaporative PPE solutions, make sure workers stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and have access to shade when ever possible.

Remember, your employees are your most valuable resource and evaporative PPE can keep them safe and productive all day.

Now when ordering, use code COOL15 for 15% off these items – valid through August 31st

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Work Shouldn’t Be a Pain

shutterstock_93499285Work injuries associated with poor posture, overexertion and repeated tasks are costly. The good news is they are preventable in most cases, if you know what ergonomic issues to look for, and these risks can often be eliminated with early intervention.

Perform regular ergonomic assessments, and keep an eye out for these common risk factors:

• Improper workstation setup

• Overexertion from lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, reaching or stretching

• Repetitive motions

• Working in awkward positions

• Sitting or standing too long in one position

• Using excessive force

Learn more about ergonomic assessments and solutions here

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June is National Safety Month!

shutterstock_94438996It’s no secret that employees perform more efficiently when they feel comfortable and safe. The way to support this at your organization is simple: design ergonomic risks out of the workplace, and provide workers with high-quality safety and ergonomic solutions that support their efforts.

Ergonomics: Essential to Workplace Safety

When ergonomics and safety are paired as part of a productivity improvement strategy, the results go way beyond compliance and injury prevention. Ergonomics and safety directly support increased worker morale, improved product quality, reduced turnover, increased job satisfaction, employee engagement, and increased profits for your organization.

Remember, employees are your most valuable resource and ensuring they are equipped with the best safety and ergonomic solutions available is an essential part of sustaining profitable business operations today. AliMed provides one stop workplace safety and ergonomics for your entire organization.

See our full line here

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The Must-Have Workplace Safety & Ergonomics Resource

The 2015-2016 AliMed Ergonomics Catalog is here, and full of a broad range of ergonomic solutions to meet your workplace needs. If you haven’t already received your copy, be sure to request one at AliMed.com!


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Introducing the EZ Dump SmartCanMax

Check out one of our newest products for Spring 2015: The SmartCanMax from EZ Dump. Truly an innovative ergonomic solution!

See how it works

SCmx pic


















Learn about our special EZ Dump SmartCanMax pricing here


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PPE: Head to Toe Protection

shutterstock_182837804By understanding the strength and movement capabilities, and the physical limits of employees on the shop floor, forward-thinking organizations can implement safety and ergonomic solutions that help reduce employee exposure to work-related risks.

This includes providing workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), modifying existing equipment, improving work practices, and implementing new tools and devices that support both the worker and product throughput. Providing workers with ergonomics increases business profits through reduced injuries, improved product quality, reduced turnover and increased worker job satisfaction and engagement.

PPE Essentials Head to Toe

In terms of foundational ergonomics for industrial and manufacturing settings, OSHA recommends PPE as an essential component to reducing employee exposure to a wide-range of ergonomic-related risk factors. After all, your employees are your most valuable resource and PPE can protect them from musculoskeletal and other exposure injuries. AliMed’s full line catalog provides, one stop, head to toe protection for your organization.

PPE Checklist:

 Eye protection

 Hearing protection


 Safety Shoes

 Cooling Headgear and Vests

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Upcoming Webinar: 5 Ways to Get Buy-In for Ergonomics

5_Ways_to_Get_Buy-In_for_Your_Ergonomics_Process_Header_SMALLEfforts to get buy-in for ergonomics initiatives often fall short for a variety of reasons, including poor presentation of the opportunity, no clear deployment strategy, and little or no effort to monitor and adjust the process as needed. The good news is that all of these can, and should, fall under your control – but you’ll need to right tools and strategy to achieve success.

Join James Mallon, CPE and Walt Rostykus, CPE, both of Humantech, on Wednesday, March 25th at 2:00pm Eastern for a free, one-hour webinar that will outline essential steps to help you establish a sustainable ergonomics process that achieves buy-in at all levels of an organization. The content will focus on successfully presenting the business case for ergonomics, including:

• Overcoming common challenges to ergonomics process buy-in

• Ensuring stakeholder support

• Creating an effective, sustainable ergonomics process

Attendees who will benefit from this webinar include health and safety professionals, ergonomics team members, plant engineers, facilities professionals, managers, and directors.

Learn more and sign up here

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Ergonomics: Benefits Beyond Injury Reduction

couple-at-computerErgonomics encompasses more than just worker safety. In fact, the science of ergonomics goes beyond adjusting workstation components to better fit the user, and also plays a vital role in organization-wide transformation initiatives.

Leading ergonomists are encouraging businesses to recognize the role ergonomics plays as part of larger process improvement efforts at the organization.

In the March/April issue of Healthy Business Journal, Matthew Jaszkowiak, CPE, stated:

“A more modern approach to ergonomics that has shown significant injury reduction and return on investment begins with changing the way business looks at ergonomic issues altogether.” Jaszkowiak adds, “Rather than trying to identify ergonomic or safety problems that need to be fixed, forward-thinking companies have begun to look at business processes and how those processes can be improved through ergonomics to make it easier to perform the work required, thereby improving efficiency.”

Beyond injury reduction/prevention, ergonomic processes can have the following positive impacts at the organizational level:

  • Improved worker morale
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Successful and efficient task accomplishment by employees
  • Increasing an organization’s overall productivity and profitability.
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